We received our First Paperback Edition of Sprint The CAT Book 1!

Yesterday we received the first paperback edition of our long-awaited Sprint the CAT: What’s For Breakfast? (Sprint the CAT #1) available on available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for sale in digital format. We were overjoyed, and Josh really enjoyed reading it and seeing the real book in his hand, after helping daddy work on it for nearly 2 years!

We received our First Paperback Edition of Sprint The CAT Book 1!

But as we read it more, we realized the paperback was a little too small for younger readers ages 3-6. Also, one of our close friends had mentioned that the font size was a bit too small for very young children.
This reminded me of the old days, in 2006, when I first released my film course, and how it took quite a few tries to get it just right. We talked about and decided to pull the current paperback book from publishing, redo it a little larger, with a bigger font, and in a square format standard for picture books. We will republish the current book as a “Stocking Stuffer” perfect for Christmas, older kids, or compact home libraries.
We are keeping the digital version just the way it is, because it’s perfect for Kindle, Fire Tablet, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. These are all devices designed for watching widescreen movies, so they benefit from wider books.
So, another week or so of work, and we will have the paperback ready again in two formats:
LARGE PRINT Edition: Square 8.5″ format perfect for younger readers ages 3-6, larger images, and larger font size.
STOCKING STUFFER Edition: Wide 8.5″x6″ format perfect for older readers ages 6-9, and fits easily in Christmas stockings or any tighter spaces.
Until then, the books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for sale in digital format! Those can also be gifted and given to people.

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Rush Hamden is a graphic novel author, children's book illustrator and art teacher living in Burbank, California.

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