50 HOURS To Expand A Children’s Chapter Book Size To Square Format? Why?

Was it worth the 50 hours of Indesign layout formatting and Photoshop image editing/drawing to change the format of our first release of “Sprint The CAT: What’s For Breakfast? (Sprint The CAT Book 1)” picture book from landscape to square format? I think so. The more I receive emails from popular publishers, and do online searches, the more I see that the Square format dominates children’s picture books ages 3-8.

There are still other formats, like the standard 8.5″x11″ and the landscape formats, but for sure, it’s hip to be square! Yes, I should have thought of that before I embarked on the book. But that was 2 years ago, and I knew hardly anything about book publishing and formats then. I’m still learning, but I do have more confidence than I did back then. All I did back then was buy a 18×12″ watercolor pad and start drawing!

Here’s an example of the work I had to do to extend the sky and a basket handle to fill the extra 2.5 inches of height.

It took 2 hours to extend the basket handle and sky of this image

The main reason I chose to undertake this is clarity and font size. Moving to a square format allowed me to move the text off the artwork and up into the “sky” zone. So,, the message of the book became clearer. Also, when a child opens an 8.5″ square, it fills their field of vision completely top to bottom and left to right, with an 8.5″ tall book that is also 17″ wide! It’s worth the effort to create a more pleasant, clear and readable book for children and the adults helping them read it. Speaking of that, a friend mentioned that grandparents will be doing a lot of this reading, and a larger font will be a huge blessing!

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Rush Hamden is a graphic novel author, children's book illustrator and art teacher living in Burbank, California.

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