Drawing Holy Space Cats page 1

After working on Holy Space Cats last year for Christmas, I sort of said it aside to go back to work on my graphic novel for the past few months. With Covid isolation, a routine drawing schedule has not been easy to come by. However, when our pastor Garth Gilliam asked us to participate in an art exhibit for Advent, I prayed and immediately thought of going back and revisiting Holy Space Cats. However, when I looked at it, it seemed like it needed some backstory to set up the premise. So I went back and added a new page 1 and page 2 in order to give a little bit more information about the location and the date, also introduce the characters a little bit more clearly. Next will come the inking phase!

Published by Rush Hamden

Rush Hamden is a graphic novel author, children's book illustrator and art teacher living in Burbank, California.

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