Creating An Environment Then Breaking It?

It’s kinda odd, taking all this time to create this wonderful building or room, then just destroying it. But why? Well I found that it’s a lot easier to create a good solid object first then breaking it to illustrate damage of some sort, rather than just draw a damaged object. They just don’t look right unless i draw them fully constructed first. So I took two hours to draw a perfectly good room then added wreckage and wear and tear to show damage from a collapsing building. What’s your method?

I found that it’s a lot easier to create a good solid room first then breaking it to illustrate damage of some sort

Inking a graphic novel moves ahead inch by inch

It’s a labor of love, but it’s laborious nonetheless. Moving ahead 2-3 pages a day requires commitment and perseverance, punctuated by the joy of seeing a work of art completed! I can’t wait! watch it happen live, on:

Live right now on:






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Watch a traditional inker working live!

Inking traditionally it’s becoming a rare thing indeed – digital tablets make everything so convenient that a lot of artists are switching. I also do work on the digital tablet as well but I still have a earnest love for traditional inking, getting my hands and fingers dirty and splashing with ink, seeing where the accidents lead to happy art journeys, and lots of variables contribute to A spark of life and a character. Now I love digital, but I prefer traditional inking for certain projects, like this 250 page graphic novel that I’m working on live. Join me as we explore traditional sketching and inking together! https://www.twitch.tv/rushhamden?

How to brush paint explosion effects in comics!

Join me LIVE as I brush paint explosion effects, hatch and stipple, draw and sketch as I ink my 250 page graphic novel on twitch.tv/RushHamden. Weekdays at 9AM, 12PM, 9PM and 12AM, PST. I also listen to comments, suggestions and answer questions.

Drawing Crowds

I would say one of my favorite things is drawing crowds. I love doing diminishing sizes and overlap, foreground, mid ground and background elements of either people or in the situation, rat creatures. In this particular panel, the rats are attacking our heroes’ compound. There are hundreds of these guys coming in and they’re not taking no for an answer.

Rush Hamden draws and inks his 250 graphic novel.
Rush Hamden

Inking my 250-page Graphic Novel – LIVE! p.1

Wow, I finally got blessed with the daring to go live on facebook, showing how I’m inking my graphic novel, step by step. The novel is a science fiction fantasy story about a couple of tow truck drivers with good intentions helping a stranded motorist, and getting into a LOAD of trouble. Here’s the first couple of videos. Hopefully there will be many more. I had already filmed well over a hundred hours of sketching and inking the novel, but this is the first live feed. I hope you enjoy it.

Brushing ink Saves time and money!

As primarily a drafter, a type of artist who prefers to use pen and ink pencils and markers, it’s sometimes a bit of a stretch for me to use a brush. However, I have adapted to the brush, and found it to be a good friend! When I have to cover large areas with black ink, it’s more time-consuming and hard on the hand, as well as the pocket, to do it with an expensive set of waterproof markers. It’s so much easier and faster to do it with a brush, and gets the job done in seconds!

Details details!

When inking a panel, I sometimes have to take a lot of time to put in the correct amount of detail. For instance, this panel took nearly 45 minutes to ink, and add all the detail work. But in the end, I think it’s worth it! When someone reads the graphic novel, I think they really will appreciate the effort that went into every page, and it has a effect of washing over the reader with A deeper immersion into the subject matter.

The Sakura Pigma Micron 08 Marker – PERFECT!

You know, artists can be pretty odd about their tools. I guess just like any person working with their hands, the right tool for the job can mean the difference between a successful day or a tiresome day. I have recently rediscovered this amazing Marker, the Sakura Pigma micron 08. Sakura makes an amazing lineup of art markers, but none are as perfect for my hands and this particular graphic novel as this marker. It lays down the perfect lines, the perfect thickness, and it has that quality of traditional dip ink without the hassle of dipping every few seconds. I love it! It’s also perfect for stippling. The lines are gorgeous.You lift up your hand, and it gives you a nice thin edge, you press down just a little bit, and it gives you about as broad as a line as you would want for an outline on 9 x 12 paper. It’s amazing.It’s also perfect for stippling.

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